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At Family Care KIDS we know one of the most important decisions you’ll make is choosing which school to send your child to.
When you join Family Care KIDS, your child will grow in all areas of their life while your family becomes a part of our Christ-centered community.

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“…The staff at Family Care Kids have created a beautiful, loving, and caring environment for our daughter. They provide a perfect balance of professionalism and warmth with both the parents and the children in their care. My wife and I trust them completely with our daughter and look forward to more years working together to educate and raise our children.”

—Joseph, Parent of a child at Family Care KIDS

“We were completely satisfied with our time at Family Care KIDS. The staff were incredibly kind, thoughtful, and professional. Our son’s teachers went above and beyond to make his experience at school positive. The campus was clean, organized, and always felt safe… We have only positive things to say about our experience, and highly recommend Family Care KIDS to all of our friends and family.”

—Anonymous Parent of a child at Family Care KIDS

“Thank you for providing such an engaging intentional and emotionally supportive community for our child to grow and develop in her preschool years!”

—Anonymous Parent of a child at Family Care KIDS

“I just submitted the application today. I loved the school. I tell everyone what a gem it is, from the layout to the staff.”

—Newly Enrolled Family