Family Resources


We recognize and support the influence of the family in the development of each child. Our goal is to partner with you and be an extension of your family. We will support and walk alongside you as you work to raise healthy, thriving children. We want to build a strong connection between school and home to develop a positive and supportive relationship that enhances the life of the child and family.

family Resources

Family Care Learning offers convenient online, on-demand parent training courses to strengthen families by equipping parents and community members with the skills needed to serve kids. The courses, taught from a Christian worldview, can strengthen families and equip all parents, guardians, and community members to interact effectively with children. Foster parents can submit Family Care Learning course completion certificates for the recommended number of Continuing Education Units (CEUs). 

Counseling & Family Coaching services

We understand children do not come with owner’s manuals. Even if they did, each child is unique and has different needs and personalities. If you need a little extra help navigating your child and family’s unique needs, we’d love to have you visit our ministry partners at Arizona Family Counseling. They offer family coaching and counseling services to provide guidance and support. Get more information from our Arizona Family Counseling website.

Brandon Jones

Family Coach & Therapist

Brandon brings 15 years of experience as an expert in trauma, attachment therapy, anxiety, depression, and adoption-related issues. As a Licensed Associate Professional Counselor, he makes it his top priority to create a counseling environment that is safe, non-judgmental, collaborative, and encouraging.

Jennie Dalcour

Child & Family Therapist

Jennie specializes in attachment trauma, general trauma, and preverbal trauma that occurred in early childhood. She believes her role in therapy is to be a guide, to walk alongside children and families as they develop their own strength and motivation to change.


Scholarships will be awarded to eligible families based on individual needs and available funds through Family Care KIDS (a ministry of Christian Family Care). To be considered for a scholarship, families must complete an application. Click below to see the requirements and apply.