Family Empowerment Services

At Family Care KIDS, we want to make sure our families have access to the best resources available to help keep our families strong and flourishing! Our new Family Empowerment Services program is a ministry under Christian Family Care.

Below you can find a list of services and resources available to you!

Scroll down to see our calendar of events which include parenting classes and support groups.

You can also download our Family Empowerment Services flyer here.

For questions, please contact us at or (480) 608-5416.

Resources & Referrals

General Mental Health, Family Coaching, Crisis (Unplanned Pregnancy, Grief, & Loss)

Empowered Parents
Equipping Parents for Success

Parent Nights
Social Activities

Safe Families
Short Term Volunteer Care for Your Children & Services in Times of Need

Family Care Learning
On-Demand Training

Making Sense of Your Worth
Overcoming Hurtful Events & Building Positive Self Worth

Partnering with Others Who Support
You as a Parent

Support Groups
Pre-Natal, Parenting, & Birth Parents

Parenting for Positive Self Worth
Parenting Strategies to Help Children Thrive


These events below will either take place at Christian Family Care Phoenix Office or Family Care KIDS as indicated below.

Christian Family Care is located at 2346 N. Central Ave. Phoenix, AZ 85004.
Family Care KIDS is located at 6750 N. 7th Ave. Building B. Phoenix, AZ 85013.

Space is limited for some of these events.
Please RSVP by contacting us at or (480) 608-5416.

No events scheduled at this time.