About Family Care KIDS

What Makes Family Care KIDS Unique

Every child needs strong relationships in their life to form the foundation so they can feel safe, competent, loved, and free to explore the world around them. To provide the best opportunity for this, our highly trained teaching staff incorporate times each day to observe and evaluate each child’s developmental progress and social and emotional needs. Supportive practices help all children learn and grow. And we understand that some children have experienced traumatic events in their life that can affect how they develop. Our staff is trauma-informed, so they can reach every child right where they are. We integrate Trust-Based Relational Intervention (TBRI) in our daily routine to build trusting relationships. We use verbal reminders, behavioral rehearsals, role play with others or with puppets and socially appropriate teaching.  

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Our Teaching Philosophy

You can expect a healthy dose of supportive guidance, so each child gains verbal and social skills to solve problems, have conversations, how to get along well with others, and see who they were created to be.  

Teachers & Staff

Our teachers and staff want every child to feel welcome and seen in our classrooms. We will work with you and your child to understand your family, beliefs, background, living environment, and connections. With this understanding, our teachers will create a unique plan for each child to thrive, develop, and learn based on their needs.  

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Interactive Learning

We will break open the wonder and curiosity of a child by incorporating hands-on, open-ended opportunities to explore, express, and experiment with the world around them.  

Each child will experience God’s world of sciences, engineering, math, social and emotional growth, the expressive creativity of art, music, literacy and language, physical development, and spiritual formation.

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